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General Terms and Conditions

Services: Advertised services must comply with the laws and regulations
in Ghana for each industry. When you advertise services,
you must certify that you are in compliance with operating regulations,
VAT laws and liability insurance regulations.

Links: It is not permitted to link or refer to another
ad or auction site.

Illegal goods: Goods that are not allowed to be sold / rented out
according to the laws of Ghana shall not be advertised.

Offensive content: Ads that can be offensive to ethnic groups,
individuals or public people are not accepted.
Some ancient names for ethnic groups may be offensive and may not be used.
Photos and videos of offensive nature are not permitted.

Prohibited goods and services: have restrictions on
certain types of goods and services that may not be advertised.

Disclaimer: The advertiser is personally responsible for their ad. is not responsible for the advertised product or service.

Compensation: In case of technical failure or operator error, is not responsible for any damage due to publication failure or
delayed response on an ad.

If you are unsure or would like more information please contact us via.

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