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Advertising is free and your ad is out on until you cancel it. terms and conditions.


General questions about advertising

What does it cost to advertise?
It is free.

How can i make my ad sell faster?
You can make your ad always show at the top! For more information and price, contact support.

How long will the ad be at
Your ad is out on until you remove it/sell it.

Technical questions

How do I edit my ad?
You can always go in and change your ad over the ads period. Log in to with the e-mail address and password. Click on the ad under 'edit ads' and make your changes. Do not forget to save. Saved changes are immediately updated on the page.

How do I remove my ad?
Log in to with the e-mail address and password. Select the link 'my ads' and then 'delete advert'. The ad will disappear from the side with immediate effect.

Which image format should I use?
Images must be in JPEG format and must not exceed 8 MB in size. Images larger than this will not be posted on the page. Regardless of origin, images is set to the same standard format.

Can I have multiple pictures in my ad?
Yes, you can upload up to 3 photos per ad.

Can I upload videos?
No, in the current state, you can only upload pictures.

Why dont I get any confirmation email?
It is important that you enter the correct email address. Sometimes it may take a few minutes before the email arrives, but if nothing happens, we recommend that you post again.

Why is not my picture in the ad?
Do not forget to click on the 'upload picture'. During the preview, you see how the ad will look like when published. If there is no picture in the preview it may be because the image is not in JPEG format or the image is larger than 8 MB in size.

What rules apply to the leasing of movables goods?
There are no explicit laws governing leasing of movable goods. This means that there are contractors and not the law that determines what should be included in a lease. The signed agreement falls under the Contracts and should a term be unfair, it can be adjusted after an examination /or the District Court.

What rules apply to the leasing of property?
Leasing property such as a house or apartment is governed by Chapter 12 of the Land Code (also known as the Tenancy Act). Tenancy Act is designed to protect a tenant's rights to continuously rent, for example a house.

What rules apply to rental property?
It is of course optional to establish lease but there is no clear laws governing tenancy matters, the agreement is the primary tool to determine the terms of the applicable provisions.

What elements should be included in the contract?
-concretisation of the parties to the agreement
-description of the product or service
-leasing period
-compensation for any damage or loss of product as well as any deductible.

Contact Support

If you donĀ“t find your answers to your questions, feel free to contact us at

You can put up banner on kasoa with connection to a specific category, or just a in general. The specified banners will target user that search for a specific category in kasoa.

There are 3 spots to show banners on, at the bottom of the first page. And then at the top and right side of the rest of kasoa site.

If your are interested in getting your banner on kasoa, contact support for price and information.

Technical Information: A banner needs to be .gif, .jpg or .swf file with a max width of 160px and free height for a vertical banner and a max width of 800px and max height of 100px.



* We recommend both parties to sign an agreement governing the conditions of the deal and agreement.

* When renting or buying, you should avoid paying in advance.

* Avoid sending things before you secured the payment when you lease.

* Use a service for secure payments.

* Always request a receipt.

* If the offer sounds too good to be true, there may be a risk of fraud.

* Be careful about giving out bank account or credit card number unless you know the recipient or has reliable references.

* Contact if you suspect any kind of irregularity.

* For purchases and sales / rental services, special tax rules apply. More information about this can be found here. You can also read about the tax deduction for household services.
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