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Business Plan Guide in Ghana!


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Date: 25/10/2013
Submitters: Moses Amedifu
Available in: Accra

Do you need funding? Would you like to raise capital from private investors or venture capital funds? Do you need a business loan from banks? Do you want to make your business profitable? Then you absolutely need a professional business plan. Feel free to contact me today for help at: Tel. : (+233) 24-345-9413 Email: Email: Consulting business plan, nonprofit business plan, microfinance business plan, farming business plan, poultry business plan, hotel business plan, start up business plan, guest house business plan, ... Well written and clear communication is the key to promote any idea, service or product in the modern business environment. Contemporary businesses use written language as a tool for the promotion and recognition of their capabilities. Hiring the services of experienced professional business plan writer and consultant working for your company/business, is a move that can bring about instant returns on your investment. I work with start up companies seeking financing or investors, or who simply want a business plan to use as a guide. I work with established companies that are looking for new or additional financing, want to franchise, or want to form a merger or acquisition with another firm. I have been serving clients in varies sectors for the past years with an excellent response. My professional services will not only take away your burden of rewriting and revising drafts of important documents, I also assist you in positioning and strateging your offers through effective use of language. By hiring our experienced team of professional business plan writer and consultant, you can be sure of having acquired valuable partners in your business growth and high performance. Preparation of new business plan for: Obtaining funding for starting a new business. Obtaining funding for expansion of an existing business. Obtaining funding/support for a non-profit organization.

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